EDIT- I did a version with hard shading cause y not http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10966013

Done with all da redraws (but I mean you can still request them here http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10964246 )
This one is probably my favorite to do, especially since I’ve been wanting to redraw and rewrite this
Original- http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10906420
Here’s the names I finally got
Lilac hair colored girl- Lilli
Teal hair- Christy
Pale pink and blue hair- Erin (I didn’t think her old outfit suited her btw)
Navy blue hair- Lisa
I changed the plot of the story so here’s the new one-
College is, in some cases, death metaphorically in most students eyes, though in (college name), death is literal. Students are known to kill them selves, be shot by mature adults, (or so they think) and have numerous other deaths by unknown causes. Or so they think. An unidentified student is rumored to kill other students for an unknown reason. Who it is is a mystery.
Erin is your every day C college student who is also quite the peppy person, though on the other side of the stick her cousin, Lisa, is hostile and rude towards others, she spends her free time watching anime or reading manga. Lisa is a prime suspect for the deaths due to her hostile nature to other students. The two have a good chunk of classes together because of a “personal request”
They eventually meet Lilli, a freshman who’s quite the air head and kinda ditzy, she has a major crush on Erin but she won’t admit it. Something that they all have in common is they’re all stuck living in sucky dorms and are in major debt BUT NEVER FEAR CHRISTY IS HERE. Christy is the mature one— yet still can be as dumbfounded as the others— she is the one who ends up giving the girls a roof above their sorry heads (yay, they can finish debt now) she also is a part time cheer instructor since she did it in her high school and middle school days, don’t worry she’s not a rich cheer leader brat.

Oh yea, I also really like the idea of Erin and Lilli being a couple but I don’t know how to do it without it seeming forced -w-“ I’ll work on it

Oh and not going to un-censor the thing Erin is holding

Dats it um bye

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