I finally got something done ;-; but this is my main oc Sugar!
Name: Sugar Solstice
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Slightly-magical Human (French too!)
Weapon: Black pistol
Relationship status: Taken by James/Entropy Neuheim (Owned by my friend)
Shippable?: Already shipped
Accepting fan art!
Likes: Quiet, flower-crowns, flowers in general, card castles, playing guitar, singing, music, piano, peace, Jamie (Her pet), dancing, French music, France, books, drawing. Her sister too! Oh and James obviously
Dislikes: Sudden loud noises, huge crowds, mice, afraid of water, fish, thunder storms, hot weather.
Family: James Neuheim (Engaged/Married in Future) Theodosia (Daughter, born in future) Velvet 'Fleur' Solstice (sister)
Pet: Jamie, Cockatiel.
Personality: Cold and distant at first, but soon becomes very teasing, sarcastic and playful once you get to know her. She enjoys screaming and being cryptic, and tends to calm herself down by carefully slamming her head into things. She adores James with all her heart, and tries to be a good person. Sometimes she ignores others, and overworks herself to the point of passing out
Fears: Fear of water, fear of loneliness.
Friends: Ruby, Nani, Similarity, Irvette, James(isn't it obvious..), Ethelyn, Wynette, Lee, Lucas, and others but I'm lazy to list.

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