For the 1st time since 1866 a Super Moon, a Blue Moon, a Blood Moon and a total Lunar Eclipse occurred on 1/31/18. The last time this phenomenon took place was 152 years ago during the Civil War. It was a most rare occasion!
A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is at a very close position to the earth which makes the Moon appear much larger and far brighter than a regular Moon.
A Blue Moon is the 2nd full Moon in any given calendar month.
A Blood Moon occurs when the light from the sun reflects onto moon during a Lunar Eclipse.
If you missed January’s Super Blue Blood Moon the next time it will occur will be in 2037, Mark your calendars!
After looking at many pictures of the Super Blue Blood Moon, and using a picture of the Moon for landmarks plus adding my own extras, I came up with this sketch.

Your gift of a Precious is most appreciated, Thank You!

Fire Dove 🌝
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