- history buff
- loves school, good at it
- birthday is february 14th, 1912
- feminist

some cool facts abt arizona:

- arizona is large enough to fit all of new england plus the state of pennsylvania inside of it
- there aren’t any dino fossils in the grand canyon because the rocks are way older than the dinos.
- it’s illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs
- arizona was good to music in the ‘90s: the meat puppets, jimmy eats world & the gin blossoms among others were all from arizona
- arizona has 13 species of rattlesnakes, more than any other state.
- the worlds oldest rodeo is in prescott - but the oldest continuos rodeo is in payson
- for a few hundred bucks a night you can sleep 22 stories underground in a hotel room of sorts in the grand canyon caverns in peach springs.
- the unexplained incident now known as “the lights over phoenix” occurred on march 13, 1997 when phoenix residents and even the governor claimed to have seen a stationary aircraft in their sky for 106 minutes described as “otherworldly”
- arizona is a “right-to-work” state
- state attractions include the grand canyon, the petrified forest, the painted desert, hoover dam, lake mead, fort apache and the reconstructed london bridge at lake havasu city.

arizona is super cool! besides our weather. it only ever really gets cold in december or january, but then we experience a SUPER SUMMER (not the correct science term) starting in february lasting until winter. it gets so so hot here ;( i almost die.

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