Created for Landscape's Challenge - Landscapes with incredible cloud formation.

Attempted many different colors and formations, as my stats will show.

Hearts are so treasured. Thank you from the bottom of mine ❤️

Fire Dove 🌹

Hawaiian Misty (Pam 🌹

Kay K 🌹

Georgia Lee 🌹

Reggie 🌹

Pili 🌹

MaggyC 🌹

Stayze 🌹

Kat 🌹

Debora.m 🌹

Joy 🌹

Twinee1 🌹

Hawaiian Misty (Pam 🌹

🤩🤩🤩 Oh! Wow! Waking up here 'down under' and discovering this beautiful gift of a feature is truly a fantastic way to begin one's day, thank you Lenita for this wonderful and generous surprise 🤩🤩🤩

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