Natalia Kassle. Former Russian intelligence agent and one of the three woman spy team from the comic book series Danger Girl by the amazing J. Scott Campbell. If you haven't checked out his art and aren't afraid of a little skin, you can visit his gallery here I've always said Campbell is famous for his button noses and big....well, you know.😏 He certainly loves the female physique.😁

I used more than a handful of brushes, plenty of undos and spent way too much time on this....there, I feel better πŸ€—

Speaking of brushes, I played around with different lining brushes and ended up using the procedural double helix set on 100% amplitude and played with the thickness for my line work. I like how I was able to get it small enough, however, after completing the lines, I feel it ended up messier than I like. But I spent more than enough time to further overwork or give up, so here it is.

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