Duck Lake. iPad painting.
This has been, for me, the most difficult painting I've ever done. I've almost pulled my hair out 😯.
The duck itself was very difficult. Also trying to get the green and blue feathers to look shiny wasn't easy.
The water has almost driven me crazy. I wanted to show waviness and ripples but I couldn't get it to look right to my satisfaction. I tried manually as well as specific "water" brushes but it just didn't look real enough for me. So I just left it as though smooth with no wind. It's not really how I wanted it but it still looks kind of cool.
I also figured out how to create water reflections, which I really like.
I've worked on this off and on for several days, doing, re-doing, doing again and again. I've been working hard on my realism and learning a lot about shadows, highlights, reflections, and shading and this one has all that.
This has just about driven me insane but it represents my best to date and I'm pretty proud of it

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Created with an iPad Pro
Uploaded 2018-02-11 22:40:32.875100

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