I'll explain why I drew this. It doesn't seem out of the ordinary by any means, but this picture is special. You see, my brother drew me a picture of Horace, Virgil, and Midge for me a few days ago because he thinks they're hilarious. Virgil was hiding behind Horace with a cigarette, Horace was just smiling, and Midge was in the back in John Lennon glasses looking angry as usual. I'll link my brother's sketch in the WIP. He's 12 and practically my editor at this point. So, see, because he tried drawing my stooges in a realistic style, to thank him I drew his picture in MY realistic style! I showed him the unfinished version this morning, and he liked it, so here is is finalized! I think this is the first time I've ever drawn Midge in non-cartoon form. Horace and Virgil were lucky enough to be drawn like that once before.

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