HAPPY BIRTHDAY ☃️❄️Hollyfreezing❄️☃
Or as I like to call her, Line. Preferably Fabulous line

Hope you pass your test and do gud on ur band thingy

Oh and today during school I had to preform in the pep rally cause... ColorGuard. The routine wasn’t hard but I just messed up in a few places. (Be surprised I wasn’t having a mental breakdown from nerves) When they called for the Cheer and Guard to go to the gym to rehearse and get ready I was the only one who left. It was awkward cause everyone cheered like good luck for me and I felt weird. Somehow people found me where I was preforming (I was assigned in the back row in a corner) and when I got back to class a bunch of people were telling me I did good. I was just like “...ok”

Anyway happy birthday Line I proud ur officially one year older, yes I included Alexis cause you put Romeo in the gift you gave me


Dats it um bye

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