Pure beauty and grace, Eunas float elegantly underwater. They are charming ethereal creatures with unique personalities and can vary from colour to colour, depending their place of origin. Eunas are solitary creatures, preferring to venture and explore on their own. With flowing fins and tentacles to help navigate through incredibly deep waters, these magical creatures are seldom seen anyplace else aside from ocean sea beds. Their shell is lightweight, yet deceptively strong and made from microscopic calcium carbonate, tile stacked and various protein matter. Its unique design structure allows the shell to stretch and absorb any impact simultaneously upon any unforeseen force, energy or danger they may encounter.

Drawn for the Fairies Challenge: Creatures of another world
Original sketch..
Collab’d with my 2 nieces to create an original creature
✅creature to have pink colouring
✅ fins
✅ 1 horn only and
✅ wear an amulet

Enjoyed this exercise. After completing the sketch, I struggled to provide a backstory to this species and explain how my creature was simply going to get around... (its giant horn had to be heavy and she couldn’t possibly drag it around everywhere). Queue the imagination... underwater and a horn-shaped shell... violaaa! Thankyou for the fun challenge FAM Group! And a huge thankyou to my nieces for creating this creature with me!

See creation and thought process in wips.

Vango thank you so much for the feature! I am so honoured and appreciative you would share your star with us. My 4 yr old niece doesn’t quite understand what a feature means right now lol, but no doubt you’ve made our day so much brighter! Thankyou!

Also, thank you so much everyone for your kind comments and hearts. I appreciate the support immensely ❤️

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Challenge: Free Draw Friday!

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