Welcome to Amity’s Apothecary! Here you can buy herbs to mend, fruit to taste, along with many other things.

Along the top you have:

If you’ve been injured buy one of these below that fits your injury.

Yarrow: Can help fever, hay fever, makes your throw up to get rid of poisons, and the common cold
Cost: 5 coins
Lavender: Can help calm you, used as an antiseptic, and to heal minor bites.
Cost: 5 coins
Feverfew: Can treat fevers, headaches and stomach aches.
Cost 5 coins
Lemon balm: Can be used has mosquito repellent, heal bites and can be made into a tea to help colds.
Cost: 5 coins
Sage: Can soothe bug bites and skin infections.
Cost: 5 coins
Self-heal: Helps to treat wounds and very nutritious.
Cost: 5 coins

Top shelf:
Succulent: A pretty little plant to decorate your household.
Cost: 15 coins
Vase: A pretty addition to your house.
Cost: 15 coins
Honey: Can help restore health.
Cost: 15 coins
Herbal brew: If you have been hurt in war you only have to draw yourself bandaged once instead of twice.
Cost: 40 coins
(Rabbit not for sale)

Bottom shelf:

Tea bags (set of 3): Can restore health.
Cost: 20 coins
Blackberries: Can restore health.
Cost: 10 coins
Lavender Soap: Makes you smell nice.
Cost: 15 coins
Cherries: Food, can restore health.
Cost: 10 coins
Lemon: Food, can restore health.
Cost: 10 coins
Orange: Food, can restore health.
Cost: 10 coins
Blackberries: Food, can restore health.
Cost: 10 coins
Sea candles set: A pretty addition to your house.
Cost (together): 40 coins
Individual Cost: 10 coins

Out of drawing:
Medicinal Paste: Can heal small wounds, soothes irritation
Cost: 10 coins
I hope you like it! I spent 4+ hours on the drawing

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