Clara 'Claire' Estella Montrose
S/O: straight
Race: Angel
Age: 14
DOB: March 26
Backstory: Clara was created by the goddess Fate as a guardian angel but something went wrong in the process of her going to earth and the person she was supposed to guard died before she could get there. She ended up wandering the continent lost and invisible so no one could help her. She didn't give up though, and a few years later she met a little girl. Children could always see angels since they have the power of imagination. Clara befriended the child and the girl brought her home. The little girl, Auburn Willow Montrose, introduced the angel to her parents who of course didn't believe her at first. But as time went by they saw miracles happen that wouldn't naturally occur and decided that the angel and these events couldn't be a coincidence. Therefore they welcomed Clara with open arms and the angel found a new family to protect. ^v^
Btw, angels don't age as fast as humans and they don't age at all after an age of 25-30 (I don't rly know but let's go with that
Personality: sweet as sugar, loves animals but is allergic to cats ;^; clumsy as heck, likes spicy food and thinks angel food is an insult, a little sarcastic, very honest (she's an angel, of course she would be -__-) likes vocaliod (unexpectedly) very confident
Fav food: Curry but is okay with other spicy foods
Fav color: Peridot Green
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weirdest talent: can communicate with goats and other animals
Musical instrument: violin and flute (she hates harps)
Happiness level normally (1-10): 7

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