I love Laura Grimes series she's been sketching of women with their dogs!
So I decided to try painting my selfie with Edie.

I said TRY! I am terrible at likenesses and even tho I spent many hours trying to make it look like me, it never really did! 😄😄😄

She looks friendly, though... I think... but watch out for those "claw-hands!"

Oh why did I tackle all my demons on one sketch? 😄😄😄

NO grid was used...
NO WRINKLES were drawn!

I woke up to a wonderful surprise!!!
Shirlart featured my sketch!! Thank you very much!!!

Thanks to everyone who looked and commented!

Thank you for a heart ❤️❤️
Kay K ❤️❤️
Kat ❤️❤️
Dr.Cupcake💕 ❤️❤️
❉Šhëłłÿ❉ ❤️❤️
Sheridan Cain ❤️❤️
Shirlart ❤️❤️
Pili ❤️❤️
Fran500 ❤️❤️
N2golf365 ❤️❤️
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wind dancer ❤️❤️
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Paco ❤️❤️
Algonquinsue ❤️❤️
Obilio ❤️❤️

Here is the link to a funny photo I posted a few years ago; it shows Edie sleeping in a kitty bed giving up her pillow to cats!

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