Landscape's Coastline Challenge

Iceberg calving Alaska. Inspired by Shockwave videos.

Please Zoom for ice texture details.

Hearts are so treasured. Thank you from the bottom of mine ❤️

Fire Dove ❄️

Twinee1 ❄️

Georgia Lee ❄️

MaggyC ❄️

Hilly SW ❄️

Quelonzia ❄️

wind dancer ❄️

Marcia Wegmann ❄️

Ruscifi ❄️

Pili ❄️


Awesome waking up here in OZ to a delightful feature, for my sketch
'Icy Coastline'. Thank you for the honor 'Announce your new work of art' Group,
it has given this little Aussie a huge lift - happy dancing down here. 💃💃💃


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