(Warning this is where I talk about what I felt like while I was taking my medicine, I felt awful and I wanted to make a poem about it. Hope you enjoy)

By Danielle B.

an epileptic girl sits next to me,
under a big oak tree

a flower crown rest’s upon her head,
yet in her eyes, she looks like she’s dead

she looks so serene,
but when she’s a teen,
she won’t be serene anymore,, can’t she?

She’s seen death,
One of her cat and one of her friends,
But all she can do is take a sad breath,
And all she can do is draw with a red pen

All on her arms are red pen
I suppose she’s the artistic type
She wonders she’ll do it again

The sun goes dim
In her hand is a razorblade
Next will be too grimm
Then her eyes start to fade


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