I have great news! I finished the letter and printed all my good Who drawings out on nice glossy photo paper. They're in a big manila envelope and they're getting to the liaison on Wednesday. That's tomorrow, man! For those of you that don't know, there's a faculty member at my school that I'm friends with and she's friends with someone who's friends with the Who's old manager Chris Stamp's wife. Yeah, turns out she misspoke originally, she's friends with someone who's friends with the wife, not friends with the wife specifically. Doesn't matter because she knows her friend will get it to Stamp's wife. Point is, my letter and all the drawings I made, if all goes well, will be in Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey's hands soon enough! And the heartfelt letter I wrote, of course. With my mailing address, just in cause they want to mail me something back. Pretty sure they'd just relay whatever they want back the same way mine came to them, though, because it'd be more trustworthy. The faculty member, my whole immediate family, and I are freaking out! Because, what if they answer back? What if they hang up the pictures? What if they send me backstage passes to the next concert!? Okay, maybe that's asking too much, but still. You never know. Oh, I'm so excited! Anyway, here's a picture of Pete, circa "All The Best Cowboys" (so 1982) because I just got my hands on the music video for "Face Dances Part II" and I realized that's where all the funny gifs I have of '80s Pete came from, so there's that. So, this was kinda taken from the scenes in the video where he's mimicking the pictures of himself on the front and back of the album cover, but he looks less scary and his hair looks way messier. Kinda like it that way though. I'll keep you guys posted on what comes of this "special parcel". I hope they like the drawings I've made of them.

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