In my last drawing of my gem there really wasn’t a good description so ima make this one more like.. explaining or something

Also this character was made before the cannon one, but I never uploaded it before the cannon tho cause the design was still a WIP, so I just disided to make her really defective idk

Anyway here we go

Gem type: Hessonite

Gem location: Center of chest

Diamond: Blue

Formerly belonged to Pink

Authority status: Commander

Weapon: Gem Whip

Location: Earth

Loyalty: still loyal to her diamond but is a rebel

(Only reason she’s a rebel is cause the diamonds threatened to shatter her after a incident that’s to long to explain right here lol)

Rebel Group: Outcasts

(Much like the Off-Colors, the Outcasts are a group of defected rebels)

And I think that’s it I yee

Also drawing crossed arms is harder then you think

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