Aaaa finally finished with all my DTAs, now I can work on my fans special at peace!!

Name : Kennith
Age : 17 (oct. 11)
Gender : ♂
S/O : aromantic-asexual (if he had to choose though, he'd be bi)
Species : Keathern
Height (anthro) : 5'1
Family : his brother, (Archie, 21, takes care of both his siblings) and his sister (Kei, 12, lives with her older bros, is also what I've been doing half those OTAs for)

Personality - he be a shy and timid boi, he's kind of anti-social, and that's all due to being harshly bullied for being "different". His only friends are his siblings and a character of mine, and those are the only ones he shows his caring side to.
☻ - playing the piano, dark colors, video games, winter
☹ - math, being social, the heat
Random Fact ; he and his sis are adopted, (mostly because these are the only two Keatherns I have) and their brother's a dragon.

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