Was intended for the daily challenge, dunno if it still fits the criteria. Still astounded at how this took a little under an hour! Would've expected it to take longer.

Just a small tribute to a favorite album of mine. I love one hit wonders that aren't actually one hit wonders, but are just remembered as such, especially the 80s ones. You know, stuff like Dexys Midnight Runners and A Flock Of Seagulls. Great bands and as it turns out, they had 1) more than one "hit" and 2) unique musical styles, which made those other hits just as good as the one you know! The Outfield is one such wonder. Their debut album, Play Deep, is what some bands should WISH their first album came out to. I don't remember a bad song off it. Sadly, the only song off it nowadays to get any airplay is "Your Love", and as understandable as that is (I mean...that song is beautiful. Oh, how I wish pop still sounded like that!) it's unfair. There are other great tracks off the album, like the opener, "Say It Isn't So", that I just made the Schnitzels cover last sketch, and "I Don't Need Her", and "Talk To Me", near the end of the album. Lest we forget this album went triple platinum. Yeah, you heard me. Triple Platinum. The album art was so eye-catching too! It's not only a favorite album of mine, but a favorite album cover as well. This beautiful painting. I made it a bit more cubist, because I intended this to be for the daily challenge. I tried to draw it once when I was little. I've since misplaced the colored pencil drawing, it's somewhere in my house, but as you can tell, this is close to my heart. And I got it to look less digital with a texture overlay too! I may upload some "experiments" later with that effect put on some of my older drawings without outlines to see if it improves them

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