Hey, everyone!
Well, the probably 5 people who see this, I hope you like it!
This drawing, and the person featured in it, means a lot to me.
And probably to a lot of other people as well.
And as you probably know, this is Markiplier, or Mark Fishbach.
And probably like many other people, he’s changed their lives.
Myself being one of Them! I fount his channel over a year ago and I’ve loved it since! I know this is like every other clichè story ( Not all are clichè tho! ), I was in a bit of a thing last year in school, it was my first on hand experience with bullying and a couple of other things.
So last year I had got bullied for the way I look, I’m not the slimmest person in the world and I know that,for Pete’s sake my dad is 6’2’’ and heavily built, as with all of his brothers and sister. So you know good and well I have a possibility of taking after my father, and I did. So I’m 11 and 5’5 1\2’’ And that’s a good height for my age. The people who bullied me didn’t think, I come from a family who is heavily built. But to be honest all of them are complete idiots,anyway, onto what I was going to say before I started rambling!
Mark has helped me through things, after last year I absolutely hated myself, each and every thing about myself. He helped me like myself more and just feel better when I was sad, and even more happy when I already was! I just really wish I could thank him personally but as you know that’s a very slight chance that he’ll ever see this or my story, and the thing is I don’t care if he sees it, the reason is because so many other people have story’s with unimaginable things happening to them, my story right here is absolutely nothing compared to some.
( I really hope this makes sense. )

But the thing I want to say is, Thank you so much.

For everything you’ve done, this is also a thank you for all the amazing people in my life, I can’t thank you enough,everyone who has ever even talked to me digitally or in reality, it means so much.

And something I just need to say, Love yourself your beautiful,amazing, all of the above. No matter what people say, your amazing.
Thank you to the friends I have, online and in reality.

Just Thank you, for everything.

If you read all the way here, thank you, it means a lot, and again thank you so much everyone.

Have a good day, good night, and a good bye! ♥︎

- Total Time: 4 hours and 19 minutes -


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Created with an iPad Pro
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