The background is a unfinished(!?) sketch of wind dancer, who generously offered it to the co-op corner, for the group’s current challenge.
The inviting image link:
Complete an unfinished sketch challenge for Co-op Corner group link:

⭐️ It’s a privilege to be featured by Vango
Thank you, dear friends, for your hearts
♥️ Linda Jones
♥️ DesertRose
♥️ Fire Dove
♥️ wind dancer
♥️ Laura Grimes
♥️ Vango
♥️ Mary Ruth
♥️ Georgia Lee
♥️ Debora.m
♥️ Stayze
♥️ Ruscifi
♥️ Hawaiian Misty (Pam
♥️ Julie

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Uploaded 2018-03-25 00:59:03.608910
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