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Quick note; sorry if some grammar sounds jacked up, I phrased things weirdly, or I jacked up on spelling (I’m a horrible speller anyway, I rely on autocorrect) I typed most of this at night because I can’t sleep

Also (as of the day I’m uploading this) tomorrow is Alexis’ birthday :D

Mmmmmkay now on to Amulets stuff, REMASTERED!
I’ll start with the basics and slowly go into more “writers notes” stuff

-There is 10 main Amulet welders, which consists of every main character in Amulets aside from Milly (I’ll get to her case later)
Amulet welders are placed into three categories depending on how skilled they are with their Amulet; Over Powered, Mediocre, novices
Anabel, Ani, Max, Jak are under Over Powered
Noah and Alexis are mediocre
Kat, Alex, Lia, and Gem go under Novice
Although All main 10 Amulets go under overpowered their welders may not practice as much as others or be fully aware of their amulets’ full abilities

-NO Amulets is above another, all Amulets are equals and have one to stop them from over powering the other (kinda like checks and balances) for example, Ani and Anabel’s Amulets keep them in balance (Dark and light)

-An Amulet welder is chosen their Amulet with the following steps
1- The magic user who used to own the magic inside the amulet chooses a member of their bloodline to be the Amulet welder. They most commonly choose weaker people so they can get back their magic. It was spilt into two eras Amulet welders were born in; late 1400s and early 2000s
2- The magic user places a “cursed blessing” as I like to call it on the potential Amulet welder a week into their birth. The cursed blessing is a blessing them by being a Amulet welder but also a curse that the welder must have their Amulet at ALL times
3- The welders parents must find the location of the Amulet within a year. If a year passes and the baby never obtains the amulet the baby dies. Although most Amulets are family heirlooms passed down until the chosen Amulet welder is born. But there is also cases- like Alexis’- were the Amulet is far away. If the magic user was a nicer one they would tell the parents the location of the Amulet.

-magic users, the villains of Amulets, used to own the magic inside the amulet but their magic was sucked out of them by mages, but those mages are long gone. This was due to the magic users misusing their powers and doing evil things with their magic. They also lost their human bodies (but they have the ability to change into them for short periods of time) and now look like black shadows or silhouettes, with white facial features (just eyes and mouths, because my art style doesn’t have noses)
The magic users are now hungry for vengeance and are looking for weak members of families to give the cursed blessing of being an Amulet welder to

-the 10 official names for the amulets are;
Amulet of the feline (Alexis)
Amulet of the wolf (Noah)
Amulet of light (Anabel)
Amulet of darkness (Ani)
Amulet of contradiction (Jak)
Amulet of dimensions (Kat)
Amulet of life/ Amulet of The plant (Alex, his has two names)
Amulets of love (Gem)
Amulet of Illusion (Max)
But the Amulet welders have nicknames for their Amulets
Like for example Max calls his “the Best prank device ever”

-Milly is the most unique character in Amulets because she’s not an Amulet welder. Actually, Milly is a Magic user, the last of her kind too. While most magic users were born literally a thousand years ago Milly had been born (obviously) 6 years ago. So how it happened was unique. While her mother was pregnant with her she had a severe sickness after getting medicine for pain relief. The medicine had contained the last bit of magic left in the whole world, this entered Milly’s body while a fetus and was born a magic user, BUT no one knew about besides Milly until a certain event which contains spoilers.

-Milly’s magic doesn’t have an exact ability unlike the Amulet welders and former fellow magic users, but her best known ability is telekinesis. (since it’s all she knows how to use properly) Actually Milly has the potential to learn the magic of every amulet in existence. But do to young age her body is incapable of doing that currently, so she just sticks to telekinesis.
So basically Milly’s the most powerful character in Amulets if she wasn’t so young.

-An Amulet welder needs their Amulet to live. This goes along with the curse part of being an Amulet welder,
the welder can take off their Amulet and will be conscious for a day, the next they will faint, and after 3 weeks they will die
If the amulet is removed, however, the welder will faint immediately and die within a week
-An Amulet welder can’t over use their Amulet. Over use of Amulets cause; Exhaustion, loss of consciousness, sicknesses, and possible death, depending on how much they over used it. The magic the Amulet gives the welder has a limit and too much usage is dangerous, the most common thing to happen is exhaustion. If welder is skilled they can use it for long periods of time (ex, Anabel) , if their Amulet takes little magic they can also use it for long periods of time (ex, Gem)
Think of their magic as their stamina, if that makes sense.

Now this is were I start things more I guess simplistic and more writing based than story based

-The region that WaterStone and FireCloud take place in is called “titular de la poderosa” or “poderoso” for short, which in English translates to “Holder of the powerful”
-though I said this before, Amulet fan characters are always welcome ^.^
-WaterStone and FireCloud were both the only kingdoms in Poderoso and were enemies, in Amulets season 1 but in season 2 their relationship changed
-I’m no longer doing romantic relationship with fan and main characters to prevent weird pages were one page they have partner and the next they’re looking for love. But I will do friendships and enemies with fan and main characters
-All fan characters will eventually appear in a page, if yours was medieval themed it will appear in season 1 after Alexis meets all the season 1 characters. If yours is modern themed it’ll appear in season 2 at anytime after the second chapter
-Amulets is a comedy, slice of life, fantasy, romance, and has a lot of emotional moments around the end of season 1. Same goes for season 2 but more comedy
-Amulets don’t actually have to be worn as necklaces, they can be worn as hair ties, bracelets, earrings, and just about any jewelry, like, for example, Anabel has hers as a choker. The main characters just all like wearing theirs as necklaces because it’s easier to hide in public places (they need to hide their Amulets ALOT in season 2 but not very much in season 1)
-both Noah and Alexis can hide their ears (their ears will turn into human ears), tails, and fangs as well as change their pupils from animal pupils to human pupils. But this does require a little bit of magic so the normally keep them out, besides they hate having human limits and human ears.
-I’ll try to update the comic every *other* Saturday (next page is ready I’m just filling in some extras so it’ll be on time)

There’s more but this is what I remembered if you have any questions feel free to ask I won’t bite also if you make an amulets OC I’ll be super happy to know it’s appreciated :D

Dats it um bye

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