I didn’t know that Bleeding Hearts were poisonous until this challenge! I grow them, & prune them every year, and had no idea that every part of the plant is toxic!

Bleeding heart, although not of the poppy family, contains similar alkaloid toxins. It may be a threat if children are tempted to eat the showy, white or pink heart-shaped blossoms. In addition, some sensitive people develop skin irritations on contact with the plant or its wild relative Dutchman’s-breeches.

You should wear gloves when transplanting or handling your ornamentals. Wild plants are best left alone.
All parts of the leaves, stems, and roots are toxic.
Bleeding Hearts contain Alkaloids, known to be toxic to people and pets.
Generally they are. more problematic with animals grazing garden specimens. It is possible that children may be attracted to the unusual clusters of flowers.

SYMPTOMS are Trembling and agitation followed by vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, and impaired breathing.”
Info borrowed from Nova Scotia government website

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