ARPG - Islands of Lykos (Character)
🔺|| Young adult || Male || Bisexual ||🔺
Talon works as a messenger and delivered messages between the kingdoms. When he isn’t delivering mail and such he helps out as a nurse at his local hospital. This was going to be his profession when he was younger and studied medicine. He couldn’t take the long hours, pressure and being stuck at one place. This made him leave his former job to become something more adventurous.

🔸Personality🔸 - He gets bored easily. He is a bit superstitious and on the edge with strangers. Strong hearted and brave. Since moving he was gained a lot of confidence. He is not sentimental when it comes to objects and owns very little stuff. A great flyer. Quick to judge. Hard to impress. Opens up to few people but he is a very talkative griffin. He can talk for hours about stories he’d heard or himself been a part of. Determined.
Softbreeze and Skall met very young. They became mates as teens and later birthed their first son Jupiter. The pressure of being a young parent Breeze found comfort in her mate's adoptive brother Gabriel. They became closer and closer. When Jupiter was about a year old Softbreeze announced that she was pregnant again. Skall was overjoyed. The mother slowly became more and more depressed during the pregnancy with guilt building up inside her. Once Talon was born there was no escaping the obvious. The chick looked an awful a lot like his brother but nothing like Skall. Skall was chocked at first. His chock quickly turned into anger. He couldn’t believe that his mate would do such a thing.

Skall became cold and hostile towards Breeze and Talon. Knowing that it wasn’t the chicks fault but he couldn’t see past his brother’s and lover’s betrayal. Talon was still a young chick when Softbreeze no longer could fight her depression and guilt over what she had done and so took her own life. Before jumping she told her sons to be strong. She asked Jupiter to take care of his younger brother and told Talon to not let anyone tell him who he is or what to be.

Skall even though still mad grieved his lost mate. Skall and Gabriel agreed on not telling the boys the truth and that Skall should raise them together. Skall was a broken soul blinded by the affair. He praised Jupiter while pushing Talon to prove himself.
SunTalon became a troubled child very early in his life. He never felt good enough. The chick watched as his brother was treated like a prince. He found comfort in storytelling. His uncle gladly told the chick about all of his adventures and stories about the great blue sea. Talon felt like Gabriel was the only one who believed in him and so saw him as his father figure. History became a big part of his life until he had to choose a “real” occupation as his dad called it. He decided to prove to his father that he was at least just as good as Jupiter by studying medicine. It went okay for a while but his soon to be job never felt right. The long hours and pressure of having other creatures lives in his claws reminded him too much of his fathers constant disapproval.

The day Talon announced that he was going to become a messenger Skall had a breakdown. They came in conflict. This is when Skall accidentally reveals that he is not Talon's biological father. Enlightened Talon took off from his former home to never return.

🔅Goals: to feel valued, to prove to himself that he is good as his uncle says, he is determined to become someone worth writing a story about.🔅


Coin count: 317 coins
Total coin count (all coins ever earned): 378 coins
Health: 95%
Items: Blue potion, Satchel -
Acquainted with Breeze, Jericho, Theo and Skylar.
Friends with Wish, Amity, Spark and Grimcrest(crush).
Uncomfortably around Ember.

5 tickets, -10% health (+5% after event)

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