Jeeezzzzz hello there I lost my art power and idk what to draw now haha
This is young Ikyeal and her stupid mean nasty crazy mother who shot her and then hung her from the chandelier with a noose and told everyone she committed suicide just to cover up a lie she made about Ikyeals quirk
WOW ikr her mother is the best
shE also killed her little brother and little sister and poisoned her twin brother in his sleep oh wowww why do I do this to my lovely beans :,)
To sum it up in the shortest way (cuz dang I made a long story about her) Her mother killed her siblings (sorta her twin is alive) she told everybody she was dead (Ikyeal has a thing in her quirk that can make her reheal so she died but didn’t die??) Ikyeal then ran away and became the villain known as “Acideyn” (acid-e-an) and bAm she is really good at lieing and know One knows she’s a villain hAha

Sorry that was long I could make it WAY longer but no then I would be writing a book :,)
Hope you like<

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