The morale behind this story... never tell a child they can’t achieve something. They will most likely grow up and destroy you. Unfortunately in reality, I am still not a giraffe... yet.

Anyway, here is my entry for the Comic Compo. I felt this compo was right for me until I found that my usual idea flow just wasn’t working right. I ripped through five different comic concepts and hated all of them. I thought that I wouldn’t get an entry done for this one compo I thought was going to be blooming easy! Whilst laying about defeated, this idea popped to mind and it stuck for some reason... I have no idea why.

Sorry if the writing is hard to read! I’ll add it onto the WIP thing so it can be looked over!

Hope you like it and may the best entry win!

Thank you MedusaDraws for the
Thank you Julie for the
Thank you Dead Stick for the
Thank you Jumpingllama2000 for the
Thank you Twinee1 for the
Thank you purple_cat for the

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