WOO storwy time!

Oma-o sprinted to the port, carrying a large load. The wolf had desired to become a merchant because she had become rusty at hunting and the joy of it was gone now. So, she gathered some materials. She wanted to buy a few flowers and a vase for her den while there, too. When she got there, she saw a perfect little spot for her kalepa goods. She nailed in some shelfs and a sign that read “Oma-o’s Kalepas” she was setting up her telescope that she had found washed up on the beach, when she bumped into the pile of items she had brought, making the map of lykos fall to the floor. She leaned over to pick it up, but she then saw what the map contained. She saw the griffins territory, and the wolf’s territory. But what she realized, was that the dragons had half the island, when the griffins and the wolfs shared half the island, with wolfs having the smaller territory. Oma-o felt rage flow inside of her. She wanted to do something to take land from the dragons, to make it equal. She had to hold herself back from ripping the map to pieces. She tried to consume herself in organizing her kalepa on the shelfs and distract her from the anger. As she was finishing up and was about to put the last necklaces up onto the hooks, the moon necklace and the sunset necklace, she heard a voice behind her. “That necklace looks nice. Could I buy it please?” Oma-o turned to see she was looking at a green dragon. Before she could stop herself she had flattened her ears and replied “Sorry, but I can’t sell it to you.” Giving the dragon a dirty look. She turned back to her work. She was angry with herself. She had emphasized the word ‘you’ too much. She turned around again and opened her mouth to apologize but the dragon had fled, hurt inside.

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The Islands of Lykos

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