Oof, my art's going down hill

Rain stretched on the meadow after a long hunt. He glanced up to see his brother, Spark, walking towards him. "Spark!" Rain greeted his brother, "Do you want to come walk with me?" "Sure!" Spark answered enthusiastically, "Can Ember come too?" Spark looked around as he asked the question. Suddenly, Rain felt as if he couldn't control his temper, "Why?!" He exploded. "Why do you always want to be with Ember? Am I not got enough for you?" Rain didn't wait for Spark's answer, he spread his wings and burst into the sky. 'If Spark is going to hang out with Ember then I'll get a new friend too.', Rain thought, 'Let's see how he likes it.'

Ill be making a part 2

Spark belongs to Doepuffs

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