🌱 Grim was tiddying up around his home when a figure in the distance caught his eye. Grim had noticed that now that the storms were gone from Lykos, more of its inhabitants had come out of hiding. He had met quite a few new creatures in the past week. Grim headed towards the figure farther down the valley near the river that cut through it. As Grim trotted closer he saw that it was a younger griffin. “Hello there!” Grim called to the stranger. The griffin lifted his head from the grass to give Grim an icy glare. He slowly approached the stranger, immediately off-put by that glare. “I’m Grim. I own the armory up the hill...” “Yeah so?” the younger griffin scoffed. Grim had to take a step back. Who was this guy? Grim was instantly in a salty mood and it showed.

“What is your business here?” Grim asked the newcomer as kindly as he could. “Why? You’re not my mom,” the dark griffin snapped back at him. Grim was taken aback again. “This is my valley. You need to move on,” he growled. The young griffin turned and walked away from Grim, giving him a nasty look as he went. Grim was perplexed at the griffin’s attitude. He had never made an enemy before.

This was rushed because I did it while I was at work lol

Rain belongs to ⚜️NightfurySwims⚜️

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