Not much of a story today, sorry.
(Y did I name Kalanipo that his name means ‘smooth’ in Hawaiian lol)
For lykos group.

Oma-o sprinted through the trees and bushes. She had seen nothing of Kalanipo, her parrot, since Easter and was getting very worried. Oma-o decided that she would be able to search better if she talked with some other wolves or griffins. She shook her head. She was still a bit mad over the fact that the dragons had the most land. She had sold the green dragon, who she had seen before and name was Arisa the necklace she had wanted, though. ‘I will ask dragons too.’ Oma-o thought to herself.


Ok, so yeah.
Kalanipo is missing.

If you would like me to draw Oma-o interviewing or searching with your lykos character, pls comment down below about it!

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