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Just gonna say, probably best art in the world ever lol.

Oma-o trotted through the woods that were starting to thin out. It was midday, and she had just eaten her lunch. It wasn’t very filling, and didn’t consist of meat. She decided that because she was no longer a hunter, she would probably have mushrooms and leaves for most of her meals. She suddenly saw a figure on a hill. Then, it went down to a structure made of stone. Oma-o ran over to the structure. As she got closer, she saw that the structure was the armory, which she had passed while going to her den a few times, but never gone to. She slowly walked into the armory. Inside was a gray griffin. Oma-o stepped on a sharp rock, and quickly jumped backwards. She then hit a shelf with metal claws on it. The griffin, startled, turned from the cloaks he was organizing and went to make sure the metal claws weren’t scattered. Oma-o blushed. When he was done, the griffin said “Why hello there, are you alright? My name is Grimcrest, but you call me Grim.” Oma-o nodded and said “Yes, Grim, I’m alright. My name is Oma-o.” Grims eyes widened in recognization “Oh, yes! You run that store, Oma-os Kalepas.” Oma-o nodded again. “Well anyways, are you here to get a cloak or metal jaws? Grim pulled Oma-o over to hooks that held cloaks. There were green cloaks there were dark blue cloaks and there were cloaks that were as fluffy as a cloud. Oma-o resisted from handing Grim the coins and taking a cloak. “No, I’m just here to ask a question.” Grim turned towards Oma-o. “Have you seen a blue parrot with orange tail and wing tips and orange dots under his eyes?” Grim shook his head no. “Why do you ask?” Grims eyes told Oma-o that he was concerned. “He is my pet parrot. Kalanipo. That’s his name. A-and..” now tears fell down Oma-os cheek and she began to tell the story of when Kalanipo left and how sad she was. It was almost sunset before she stopped talking and hysterically crying. Grims eyes were a bit distressed “Well, I hope you find him.” He said. This made Oma-o start to cry again. Grim suddenly stood up. “I, uh, should keep organizing those cloaks. And you, should, uh, go look for your bird some more. Oma-o nodded and walked out of the armory, tears falling down her face. Oma-o sighed. Man, Grim was such a great listener

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