I’m sorrey I did this without refs for the most part lol.

Ok so:
Ask Dandeliontail, seedpaw, Koko, or fadingblaze.
If you want, I guess you could ask my friends oc Wolfpaw too.
Uh, only fadingblaze actually has a ref but it’s on one of my lost accounts sooooooooo.

Might put these lil guys into a comic or something, nope or dope on that.

There are four clans of course, but imaginary for my lil story’s and stuff. LeafClan, Birdclan, HerbClan, and StormyClan. (LeafClan is were they are all in)

Anyways, brief description of them.

Daneliontail: He is a very kind cat. He is the medicine cat in the clan of LeafClan. He knows his herbs very well and likes to share his knowledge with others.

Seedpaw: He is a shy apprentice. His home is LeafClan. He is the most skilled apprentice of the other three even though he is missing a back leg. His mentor wonders if he should become a medicine cat. (Wolfpaw, Cherrypaw, and Oakpaw, not my ocs just made for the comic) seedpaw and wolfpaw are already shipped so STAY BACK.

Koko: she once was a fat lil Kittypet, but her owner died and she ran away, straight into LeafClan territory. She is more of a stray, she is welcome into the clan and she will come daily to hunt and practice fighting with the clan cats. Then she leaves and goes to roam the twoleg places.

Fadingblaze: she speaks her mind. She is very sAsSy. Fadingblaze is deputy of LeafClan. Other than that, her backstory is unknown.

Wolfpaw: if you wanna do him, idk much other than he is boy.

What you ask miiiight change what happens in the comics btw
So ask away!

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