The aforementioned more Nagel-esque style that Terrence developed around the time the pretentious art students started really making fun of his psychedelia. Notice that it's purely color and background-wise: you make the colors more varied and it's right back to '60s. This is a portrait of Julia he made, back when they were still skittish lovebirds. She loved it so much he had to paint it again because she wanted to keep the original.
I will return to cartoons and the like shortly, just wanted to show you more of Terrence's "art". "Aged" this one as well. Aging the pictures is fun, you see. I have many old saved scans of real photos and paintings and they have that low resolution "glow" that I've come to enjoy recreating in higher def using filters. Adding a slight vignette also makes the picture look less flat.

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