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|| Young adult || Female || bisexual || Sailor||
Moon has always been bullied for being a half breed (half wolf half griffin), but that never stopped her from wanting to be a sailor. The water always called for her not only for being a sailor but also having her elemental being water. She'll always be a sailor at heart, no matter what.

Personality - She's shy. Often chickens out on things. Strong willed and hearted. Smarter than the average wolf. Kind. Quick to judge. Strategically correct. Protective.
As a young cub Moon had always been cherished by her family, being a half breed was very rare usually if two different species had a child it would be just one or the other, but Moon was special have the wings of a griffin and body of a wolf . Out her three other siblings she was the most athletic playing all different kind of sports such; Wing-races, Passingball, Kickball, ect.

At school Moon was bullied for being a half breed, taunting her laughing at, leaving her alone. She continued to be lonely until one day she met fluffy griffin with a pelt like the sky; blue with white patches shaped just like clouds. He rescued her from being alone, from that day forward, they were best friends, thru thick and thin. It stayed like that for years until one day he left, without a trace.

After that she went looking for him sailing across the ocean to find her best friend , did she love him that much? She didn't know.
Goals: To find someone that cares for her as much as she cares for them.

Side note: this is for the recent background character thing for Lykos. pls let this be a person!!! this took like 5,000 years to type and draw!!

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