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Grim boi is mine

🐟 “I’m not getting wet...” Grim mumbled to Wish. She had just finished explaining how griffins can catch fish in the river. “You have to, dummy!” Wish giggled. Grim’s expression was, well, grim. “I don’t think fishing is my thing, Wish,” Grim replied. He took a step back from the flowing water. He couldn’t even see any fish! Grim was an excellent hunter of rabbits and deer...but fish? Wish encouraged him to look for a fish’s shadow among the rocky river bed. Grim’s head started to swim and he grew dizzy from watching the rushing water. He heard Wish call out to him, but before he could jolt himself back up he was heading head first into the icy water! Grim splashed around in the shallow water as he tried to get out. Wish was giggling in the grass at the sight of the proud Grimcrest, soaking wet and embarrassed.

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