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There is something I find enthralling about classic pin-up art, and I've always been entertained by the predicaments the girls find themselves in. There is usually something inviting, playful, innocent, and witty about the way they are portrayed. There is a magic balance between detail and simplicity with the compositions and surroundings. Gil Elvgren is probably my favorite pin-up artist of the classic style, and I've spent many hours, pouring over the qualities of his work. Also on a side note, the titles of his works are spot on with the double entendres.

I decided to emulate a bit of his style, but create my own pin up girl. Used a pose reference from Sktchy (which was not glammed up or anything, I just wanted a raw pose, not a pinup-photo, I'm attaching it as a WIP). I created the face from observation of many Elvgren faces. For the color palette I started with some of his works as reference, but ended up deviating a bit to suit my style. Same with lighting, where I ended up making some of my own choices that I enjoy using. Kept the clothing simple, as this was my first attempt at a pin up, since my copy attempt 3 years or so ago.

In my eyes, classic pin-up is quite a different portrayal than modern pin-up/boudoir photography and art, which is a lot more sexual, sensual, empowering, and provocative, but I find it lacks the witty portrayal of the classic pin-up artists. Thanks for looking, and reading my banter, and thank you Stray for this compo invite, which led to my revisiting pin-ups.

Thank you for the generous feature FataMorgana, and thank you all for the kind hearts, thumbs, and comments.

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