This is my fursona, she's a lion, and her hair is dyed. She's short, mean, and tired.

(Also happens to be a conspiracy nutcase )

Also, I have no idea how to draw the back of a sports bra, which is weird cause I wear one almost every day.

Name: atlas
Sex: female
Personality: angry, tired, awkward, anti-social, pessimistic, Blount, stubborn, opposite of calm
Likes: watermelon, grapes, dragons, myths, lore, reading, sleep, pillows
Dislikes: Kampuchea, earl grey tea, coffee, lemons, grapefruit, syrup, bacon
Backstory: atlas grew up in a happy family, with two brothers and three other sisters. She was the middle child. She is seventeen, and on an exchange trip in Venus.(she is originally from Texas). She is turning 18 this year
Birthday: December 6
Religion: Christian
Greatest fear:dying before she gets to experience anything
Goal in life: to travel everywhere
Preferred age to live to: 28
Estimated death age: 19
Views on people: only thing they care about is if their lawn looks nice.

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