I have finally completed it! Yes! i have drawn them all by hand (finger, lol) and I'm so happy how its turned out....no image loads! Can you believe it?!!!! It's the most time I have ever spent on a sketch! Achievement unlocked (lame!)

As you all are aware that this is dedicated to all my fans and supporters. Thank YOU for being such great friends and I love you all so much. I have never felt this popular before and you have all boosted my self esteem and confidence in the artist world and even the real world. You have no idea how important you all are to me!

I know not all of my fans are there, because I've had so many adds in the passed week. I'm very sorry if you didn't make it on the final. Also, I have left off many fans that have either haven't posted/uploaded in a while or haven't been active for more than 2+ months. I'm sorry if you decide to come back and be like... 'Pfft, whatever, uni you suck.'

I have also added in Carrot's Revenge and Nobby, even though it's says that neither of you are an official fan of me, but I am certainly a fan of you and I admire your works so much...

Anyway, I hope the wait was worth it and I'm now going to have some well needed rest.

And apologise to The Yarnling ans Zo Kitten as their names have fallen off th final render, :( I don't know what happened there!really sorry guys! <3

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