Artemis asked me a while ago to do a Mario Co-Op with her.  That's kind of like Da Vinci asking a kindergarten student to do a co-op and needless to say, I was terrified. But, I think it came together nicely and I had an absolute blast working with her! She did all of the insanely GORGEOUS modern Mario art, along with the awesome retro background.  I did the pixel parts and the animation (which was entirely done, as always, frame by frame in Sketch Club, except for the end credits). 

Artemis did the background completely with Sketch Club, but Koban generously tweaked it for us to make it look curvy like in the game (Mario Galaxy 2).  That explains the image load.  Thanks, Koban!

Thanks so much for this opportunity, Nia! (people are going to think that's your name now! ) It was a nerd girl dream come true! :D 

Note: If you're on a computer, use this link for better music!

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