Over 12 hours! holy cow!
Can you find your name? What other things did I have to say?

I am so glad you guys like it. I poured my heart into this and your wonderful comments and hearts make it worth every minute of it! Thank you all and thank you sweet gloperator! Hugs to all of you!

This list of names and sayings;
Electric Lizzie, Andyyy, Bettina Royale, Cassy484, Coach Chewie, Drew Oliver, iap123, Kattamah, Koban, Lola, Lescot, sk8girl, Autismom, akinga, mbeaver, Schwabby, Mish, Julio, Mark, Sebastian, pastiche, pastor bob, PDids, Sam cotton, serendipity, Shellybelly, simplyserg, snick, theo Ybema, treasureli, Wendy, woofdoc31, Carla, Whippetteer, Unihorse, PK, kp1, Jenny Lynn, BP, Drekki, inkyMel, ZeKs_SCK, Gregory, Noel

Born free, sketch club rules, do it, everyday is drawing day, I lurve it, holy wow, taco, sketchers, hola, Hej, hallo, are we there yet, lurker, I want to harder you Julio, whew was running out of things to say!

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