My fruit made of glass! Inspired by a few refs

This was way more complicated than I expected :D

WOW!! Thank you all sooo much for the sweet comments!! I really appreciate it!!!!

Thank you very very very much for the lovely hearts, it means really a lot to me!!! So a special thanks to Theo, Pharmgirl, Ilze, Sweeney, Fran, Mark, Wendy, Purple, Blackpawn, Gailsu, AprilD, GgBadPenny, Noel, Zson, devie07, Jeniart, PK, Woofdoc31, Dbell3d, Dr. G, GothDaddy, Schwabby, Artigan, SinisterScientist, ShellyBelly, Kimbo, IronMike, Pumpkintor, Dark Diversity, Sylok, Buttercup, Oldpowers, Jeorgy, Andy, Lavender, Abbria, Kat, Claudio, Pantomime, DayDreamer, Whippeteer, Kelsey, Fae, Megadarren, Matty, Violet Adams, Radioactivity, Sushiness, Nafog, Patricia, White wave, Joanna, artist Ivan Chew, SplashDG, Nessylove, Brenda, Newt, Anime-Pony, Lord Peppernutts, PixelCat, Lipsync, D. Fox, robo, Paria, Maxymarcus!!! Thank you all sooo much!!!

THANK YOU sooo much Bettina!!! You made my weekend!!

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Created with an iPad 4
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