This was really a lot of work and definitely harder than expected. I played with some brushes in this sketch and I made a brush of the sketch, which is a lot of fun Inspired by a ref from the internet!

Thanks for taking a look

WOW!!! I'm overwhelmed by all your amazing reactions!! I really really appreciate all comments, so thank you very much for that!!:)
Every heart is so much appreciated! It means really a lot to me!! So a special thanks to: Runts_gal, Wolf Sketcher, Mark Bredius, Roberto Rendon, Sebastian, Moonchild, Lynn, Markus, Dr. G, PML, Noel, Vango, Fran500, Mr Purple Paul, Eme, Gailsu, Blackpawn, Violet Adams, Jammeaze, Treasureli, Lord Harchard of Hat, Ilze, Truckolove, Artigan, Tily, Newt, Kingmaker, Buttercup, RinnieG, devie07, ExNinja, Purple, Koban, CarlosSan, Carla, Letter 19, Laura, Sonja, Andy, Tino, Moxstudios, Charcoal, SinisterScientist, Schwabby, Ben Carr, Fae, Joanna, Stefan Kopinski, CaV, Spencer, Mikhail Ivanchuk, Brenda, Creativeshark, Zen, Anchor SKELETOOOONNN, Skrik!!!!!

Moonchild, thank you sooooo much for the feature!! You've made me really happy!! Thank you!!

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Created with an iPad 4
Uploaded 2013-04-25 20:46:32.166340
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