This is the human side of the king of all animals, The Lion! I've always loved lions and It's a really special animal for me because it's my zodiac sign as well!

Please zoom This really was a big project for me and it took me 30 hours and about 160.000 brushstrokes to get all details like I wanted. I've made a video of a part of the proces (the video stopped because I had not enough memory on my iPad ) It's inspired by a photo of an amazing photographer: Tim Flach!

I hope you'll like it! Thanks for taking a look!!

WOW WOW WOW!! Thank you all sooo much for the lovely comments!! It really means a lot to me!! And a very very special thanks for the hearts!! I really appreciate it and I can't express how much every given heart means to me!! So a special thanks to DayDreamer, Mark, Kingmaker, GAILSU, Gerardo Diaz, Jeorgy, LuckyLisa, Dr. G, iap123, Markus, Noel, Bunnyart0406, Sebastian, Theo, Noxy, Isaia, AMD, BlackPawn, Lola, Mr. Days, Sheshe, Bettina Royale, Matty, Wolf Sketcher, PK, CarlosSan, Schwabby, Juggernaut, Lynn, Pharmgirl, FrAnK, ShellyBelly, Treasureli, PropheticDreamer, Tilly, Joanna, Tino, Buttercup, Guild Hunter, Salamah, Wendy, Rusty StART, thekirstyshow, Jammeaze, AprilD, Letter 19, MaryHeather, Serendipity, Sweet_Shade, Kbjola, Carla, Micca, DarkWolf, Catgirl, VazquezEdR, Fae By McKay, Sonja, Dave Hallart, Stefan Kopinski, SP14, Electric Beat, Andyanni, CDevereaux, Goatfish, Mommacude, Catdoo, Mark T, Pam, Lucs, Windsbro, Rusty, Kingfisher1654, Roxie, Tori, CAPS, Drawing colorful Horsies, Haru, Cat lover, Shadow the German sh, Aquarius!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!<3

Angie, thank you very very much for the feature!!! I really appreciate it!! You made me sooo happy!! THANKS A LOT!!!

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