Mog had set his time machine's calibrator to the Jurassic period, so he could research some family history. Alas, the Schrodinger compensator broke down, stranding him in Renaissance Florence, instead. Making the best of the situation, he decided to explore his feminine side. Cosmetic dentistry not being invented yet, he explained he was British, which satisfied everyone. Luckily, he met a scientist named Leo, who helped him repair his time machine. Leo also liked to paint in his spare time, so Mog sat for a portrait. When he returned home, he discovered humans were still in control on Earth! He had inadvertantly altered the time stream! He set about to rectify the situation soonest. But, that's another adventure.

Wow! Thanx, Gloperator, for the feature! And to everyone who has given a <3 -- I had no idea this sketch would get this kind of response! And I love Yad LeBleu's idea that the title also could have been Moga Lisa

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