Compo idea!
<<Even though Tania's parents were sad to see her go, she knew they would understand it was time for her to know the world a little better.

Her cat, however, was not ready to say goodbye.>>

I know this is participating in a compo already, but I have been trying to pitch a compo for a while, this seems like a good opportunity: Illustrate a tiny story. Make a VERY short story and potray it as an illustration... or viceversa... make an illustration and write a really short story. I don't know, two or three lines. Let me know what you think!

Zoom-In for all the little extra details!

Thanks so much for the hearts:
- Zacharie
- Mark Bredius
- Lindsay Baker
- Zomaar
- iap123
- Noel
- Theo Ybema
- Simply Serg
- PK
- AprilD
- DayDreamer
- Pastiche
- Koban
- Shadoweddimples
- Tily
- Glasgow Green
- Wendy
- GothDaddy

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