As some of you may know already, David (Bats) is currently undergoing 9 weeks of chemotherapy to treat a cancerous lymph node. There is a good chance the chemo is going to be pretty brutal, and I feel so sad he has to do this.

I did ask permission from him through Sketch Club several days ago in order to make sure it was OK to do a sketch and mention the chemo. He agreed but didn't want anyone to get depressed.

I had a hunch that Bats would prefer comedy over tragedy, so I decided in favor of something more lighthearted. To me, chicken noodle soup symbolizes healing and feeling better, and I loved alphabet soup as a kid, so i kind of merged those ideas in order to be able to send Bats a little get well message.

I certainly wish that curing him was as easy as a bowl of chicken noodle breaks my heart that he and his family have to go through this...but hopefully with this sketch Bats will know that many hugs and prayers are sent his way from all of us for a speedy, and full, recovery! 💗

(Used several google images and actual chicken noodle soup for reference 🍲 )

Thank you sooo much ShellyBelly for the precious feature ⭐

And thank you Pastor Bob, PDids, SimplySerg, Gail Su, PharmGirl, Noel, Tily, PK, theNine, Finalli, Nimrod, Jeorgy, blackpawn, Vango, Wendy, Treasureli, Nik, Shadoweddimples, Sad•Evil, Koban, Mark, M's, Electric Lizzie, iap123, Buttercup, Zombies, Purple, Dreamer, akinga, Theo Ybema, Carla, Andyyy, Bannock, Joanna, Mountainfairy, Lola, !£ZE, Cowgirl, Snappy, Frolacola, Marcus, AMD, Strawberry, T!n0, Schwabby, Margie, Cat, Daniel, Jon, Queenmom, Jenn Y, and Bats himself! for the 💗s

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