This sketch is based on a design of Andre Kutscherauer,, he's totally amazing!!

Longest sketch time so far for me, it was harder than I thought to be honest! Please zoom to take a look at the details

Thank you for taking a look at my sketch!!

Thank you very very much for all the comments! Means a lot! Special thanks for the precious hearts to: Tily, SimplySerg, Mongo, Joanna, Sonia Jackson, TimTard, ForresGump, Mark, woofdoc31, Fran500, San Jo, Cowgirl, Flowerpower83, Letter 19, Myzgurkan, Manu48, Wendy, Tino, ZooZes, Andy, PDids26, Dani~Pie, Pinarello, Dessa, Pantalla 64 and James G, La pig, Elin98, WallaceINK, Mimzy, Cafune, Tripwire, Dinie Van de Rijke, Mark T, Rick, JeradM, April K, Mycayla, Joannabanana, MisoKnotty, Betelgeuse, SKYW4KR, Kungpow_Chipmunk, Cleocatnap, Skookiesprite, Gatorbeagle!!!!

Wow Bannock, Thank you sooo much for the feature!!!! You've really made my day!! Thanks!!!

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