One of the last times I saw my mother's mom, she was happy at one of her great grandchildren's birthday party. I saw her blowing bubbles.

My grandma, Paz Ramírez Guerrero lived a full life, being always and until the end an independent woman, a founder member of her neighborhood's church, a teacher, and a very happy person, loved by her family and community.

She lived honoring her last name, as a warrior, and died like her first name, peacefully, the first week of October, when we had to say goodbye to her.

I made this portrait for me and my family, but I wanted to share it with the club. I hope you like it.

Thank you so much, Sam for featuring my sketch. Also thanks for all the hearts: ShellyBelly, MammaJamma, Elly, Cadillac, Bron, Mark, Debbie Dawson, Purple, PK, 🎃Mr.GrįN🎃, Pam.

She was also the subject of my sketch "Grandma's Hand."

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