Every Hallows Eve Its a ancient tradition for the folks of Hallowed Harvest Fields to gather around and witness the spectacle of the passing Pumpkin Patch Parade.

Did my own lil spin on Halloween characters

Spent a hell of a lot of time on this one, and hope it shows and that you enjoy it as much as i did conjuring it up

Lots of goodies to be had in this piece so dare to take a closer look and thanks so so much to all who have supported the Wip's up to the Final

Please (ZOOM) in for full effect

Thanks for all the AWESOME hearts
💛Sarah N. Taylor🎃
💛Guild Hunter🎃
💛Dawn S.🎃
💛Samantha Rose🎃
💛Scribbler Magoo🎃
💛Fae By McKay🎃
💛La Pig🎃
💛David Burles🎃

And a huge hug to Songfeather for this EPIC Feature🌟😘💛🎃🎃🎃 luv yas!!!

Edit:Just wanted to say I have reached over 10,000 glops after this upload which I personally consider a major feat for me and just want SC to know I am so humbly and thankful you guys have welcomed me, and fir all the support from comments/hearts/ and especially features and to my fans you are all full of AWESOMNESS!!!!!😉👍💙🌟 luv you guys

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