My 3rd SC sketch
Please look in the eye....
"aawww..... that stupid bird took my eye... along with other pieces of mine.... grhhhh.."

thank you so much for the tasty brains...... umm.. I mean hearts...
Jeorgy <3
Finalli <3
GothDaddy <3
Pastiche <3
Kingmaker <3
Koban <3
Dr.G <3
PK <3
InkyMel <3
akinga <3
MadatArms <3
Ooonno10 <3
Lola <3
IQ <3
Mark <3
Wolfstar <3
Robert McVey <3
Thank you all who commented and liked

Wooww.. this sketch got featured, Thank you so much Mr./Ms Gloperator, you made my day

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1,801 glops
Created with an iPad 3
Uploaded 2013-10-19 14:57:18.483570
Featured by Sketch Club
Tagged animals, dark, horror, ipad
2nd place in Halloween 2013

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